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         Success to many Americans is almost always defined by a fast paced lifestyle in a big city with constant stimulation. However, humans were never designed to work constantly and be constantly producing. This is actually one of the biggest reasons why people deal with so much anxiety and stress on a day to day basis. To combat this, we have seen tons of smaller communities popping up that offer alternatives to the lifestyles that successful Americans are expected to perform. While the busy lifestyle is something that many people often prefer, others are finding that would rather go back to the olden days and take care of their needs themselves instead of relying on society installations that are supposed to make us do better and be happier. If homesteading sounds like an interesting proposition to you, keep reading so that you can I stand the basics and learn more about this amazing alternative lifestyle.

A Return

    Homesteading is all about learning to live more simply. Not only have studies shown that it’s better for the environment, it’s also usually much cheaper and gives people a sense of worth and happiness in their lives. When it comes to homesteading, it’s usually when people rely on their own land to do just about everything for the. Most people who homestead also live off of the grid and provide themselves with just about everything they could ver want and live. It’s about getting away from the fast track lane of this century and providing for yourself while not relying on huge corporations to provide you with food and more. There are really no rights and wrongs when it comes to homesteading. As long as you’re living in a way that works for you and you’re doing something that you want with your life it can be an excellent want to make the most out of your time here on Earth. The basic idea is that you live each day doing something that you want to do, provide for yourself, and basically take care of the essentials without getting caught up in the materialistic society that is castle growing with each and everyday.

Gardening & Farming

      What brings most homesteads together and something that most have in common with one another is that they farm and garden quite often to provide for themselves, and sometimes do this to make money. This means that most homesteaders generally own a piece of land that they use to farm on and provide themselves with what they need for nourishment. Homesteading is a simple life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t live frugally and make money. Many homesteaders do enjoy things like Macy’s, but it’s usually just not a habit and it’s something that they usually keep for special occasions.

Off The Grid

     Another popular part of homesteading is living off the grid. Unlike most people, some homesteaders decide to live disconnected from the main power grids and pipelines, making it where they either run off of generators for appliances such as a fridge, or they do completely without. This is a much more difficult way of life, but it’s also much more simple and many people provide for themselves in this way.