Local Contractor for Plantation Shutters

I have been working on the house for months now, and it looks a lot better than it did when I first started this work. I guess I had kind of slacked off with taking care of my house and it got to a state where it really needed to have a lot of work done to look good again. It still needs some work, and there are a number of projects to be done. But plantation orange county blinds are at the top of my list for things that I need to get done next. Luckily, this is not going to be a job for myself, but rather one that I am going to leave in the hands of professional contractor, because it sounds like it is kind of delicate work and I do not have any experience with installing them in the first place.

My wife has been begging me to get plantation shutters installed on the windows for months now, and I have finally come around to the idea. It is not that I was ever opposed to having them, but rather I just did not want to spend the money to have it done. So far this year, all of the projects that we have done to fix up the house have been ones that I have personally completed. But it is going to be nice to sit back and watch someone else work on my house for once. I know I could use a break from doing it anyway. Not that I will take much of a break, I will probably be on to some other project while they are being installed. But that is beside the point, I need to find contact info for some local contractors that specialize in this sort of thing and find some pricing info.