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We all want to have a healthy environment to live in, but from interior design to buy furniture, building materials, especially building materials, environmental protection, although there are many, but through a variety of cumulative, may also emit harmful substances, so I want to build an environmentally friendly home, you should pay attention to what matters it? >

Paint avoid the "flavor." Coatings inappropriate choice hazards by comprising benzene and other volatile organic compounds, and heavy metals. Some shoddy "clean" products, by adding a lot of flavor to remove the odor, in fact, would not achieve the effect of eliminating hazardous substances on the market. Therefore, the best choice to buy the paint does not taste, should be opened before using the paint bucket to personally check: a look to see whether the settlement, caking or severe stratification, if it indicates poor quality; Second smell, smell the smelly, irritating odor strong bad; three stir, stir gently with a stick, if the lift after the paint on the stick to stay longer, more uniform coverage, it indicates that the quality is better. When finishing the wall, but also pay attention to the grassroots process, prohibit the use of 107 plastic, do not use the mixed paint or varnish, otherwise it will cause double pollution formaldehyde and benzene.

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