Water From A Barrel


When you want to collect rainwater, you might set a few buckets outside or even a few pans under the rain gutters. There is an easier way to collect water with a rain barrel installation. The water that you collect has numerous benefits for the home as well as the rest of the community.

Rainwater is a better option for your plants and the ground. It has more oxygen than tap water. There are no salts or fluoride compounds in the water, which can harm the plants and the soil if there are numerous chemicals that get repeatedly poured onto them. Using rainwater can make plants more tolerant to drought conditions as well. If you have several rain barrels that are full of water, then you'll have your own water source if there is a drought in the area. This will allow you to continue watering your plants, and you will also have water for flushing the toilet in the event of a power outage.

When rainwater simply runs off on the ground, it can collect items like pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals that get carried across the landscape. If the chemicals get into a water source, they can kill fish and plants or cause grass and other plants to die. If the water is collected in a barrel, then it decreases the chance of pollutants being spread from one area to another, keeping the entire community safe and alive. Rain can also promote erosion, especially when there is a significant amount of rain at one time. If there is too much erosion in one area, it can cause the foundation of a home to be altered or areas in the road to become weaker.

Using rainwater is a green way to wash your car, clean off your porches and give water to your pets. The lack of chemicals in the rainwater protects vehicles that are washed, and it won't strip the color off of patios and other outside equipment the way that water from a county or city line would as this water often has chemicals that can cause premature rusting and damage to multiple surfaces.